Preemptive Threat - Jesus told his disciples the world would know they were his if they loved one another.

Immigration Can We Use Gods Inspiration To Solve The Problem - Is our current policy providing a fertile hunting grounds for terrorists or is the spirit of ?give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free? still alive and well in God?s country?.

Do You Have A SelfManaged Development Guide SMDG - The Self-Managed Development (SMD) Guide? is a customized learning tool that can be developed based on workplace requirements of a specific organization, in which an employee is expected to perform his/her duties.

Does Israel Have The Right To Exist - Recently in a rather heated debate on one of the top political Blogs the comment came up; Israel would like to live in peace and look what they have to deal with.

Act Busy Be Rare The Enchanting Art of Attracting Women - Did you know that the level of interest and attraction which a woman feels for you is inversely proportionate to the rate of your availability? Amazing but true, women do NOT want a man to be AVAILABLE at her beck and call.

Psychological Needs Help Deal With Conflict - Internal conflict, conflict within yourself, reflects the difference between what you really feel and what you are able or choose to do about it.

Blogger Accuses Christians of Hypocrisy for the War on Terror - It is truly amazing the amount of rhetoric going on out there from Al Jazeera appeasing their audiences with half-truths and the Bloggers who get on mainstream political websites to spew hate and misdirection to the world.

Omaha Schools Moving In Right Direction - The new plan in Omaha, Nebraska to break up the schools that will lead to a semi-segregation( though not nearly as much as opponents pretend) is not shocking and should be followed by the rest of the nation.

Indonesia Volcano - Well, it looks like Indonesia is about ready to have another huge Earth Event.

Icebreakers What Are Your Favorite Movies Of All Time - You can tell a lot about a person by asking them about their favorite movies of all time.

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