Indonesia Volcano

Well, it looks like Indonesia is about ready to have another huge Earth Event. In the last few years they have had massive Earthquakes and a giant Tsunami, which killed nearly 200,000 people. Now the people of Indonesia face a huge Volcano. However, the islands people do not see volcanoes as bad, but rather as messages from the gods.As one person puts it in the Indonesian Center for Volcano research and technology development; volcanoes are often seen by the natives as having mythical powers.

This of course makes it difficult to evacuate because legend has it that it is a positive thing. In the 1930s a Volcano eruption killed 1300 people because no one was willing to leave the area. Today, things are a little difference although there is a Volcano ready to erupt and 60,000 people need to be evacuated, but not all are willing to leave.As one New York Times reporter put it the Javanese people who live in the area see these volcanoes as powerful symbols to their religion and be leave the Volcano helps you to move to ones life's final destination. It is unfortunate that many people will not leave with certain eruption is known well in advance.

Depending on which way the Volcano explodes it may in fact kill thousands of people, but no one knows for sure which way the Volcano will our rocks or which way all those fatal rocks might be blown. Beauty is unfortunate that people let religion did in the way of their ongoing personal life experience. We might all consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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