Blogger Accuses Christians of Hypocrisy for the War on Terror

It is truly amazing the amount of rhetoric going on out there from Al Jazeera appeasing their audiences with half-truths and the Bloggers who get on mainstream political websites to spew hate and misdirection to the world. Recently a blogger accused Christians of hypocrisy in the War on Terror when she stated;."What hypocrisy [sp].the most un-Christian actions are coming from Christian countries.not Muslim ones.

".Wait one minute if you are speaking of the United States of America, which has proven to be the greatest single civilization ever created in the history of the human species then you do so in error. As in America there is a separation of church and state and America is not only a Christian Nation [although there is a large percentage of them] it is an every religion nation. Muslim, Jews, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheists, Christian and even friendly witches, so you would be well advised to not make labels of the USA as such and you are further dividing the two religions by your "them VS. us scenarios which is part of the problem with this culture clash. Thus you are becoming and instigator not a solutions provider.

The anti-American and anti-Christian Blogger goes on to state;."Do you suppose Jesus Christ would have condoned what the US has done in VietNam, South America and now the Middle East?? Get real and use your critical thinking skills.rather harder to do than watch CNN and Fox news.

".No we do not suppose that Jesus Christ would condone anything but love your enemy, just like we would not assume that Mohammed would condone blowing up innocent people in aircraft, buildings, trains, buses or planting roadside bombs or blowing up his brothers Mosque. So, if you are going to criticize and present one-sided arguments filled with hate and BS, I will show you the biggest mirror of all. Why not look in it before making these comments. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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