Act Busy Be Rare The Enchanting Art of Attracting Women

Did you know that the level of interest and attraction which a woman feels for you is inversely proportionate to the rate of your availability? Amazing but true, women do NOT want a man to be AVAILABLE at her beck and call. She calls and you answer the phone all the time. What impression does she get? That you don't have anything to do but to answer phones! Here a little pretension helps. Even if you don't have anything to do, pretend you are busy, pretend you have thousand appointments, and pretend you are racing against time. Remember the rarest species of cats are photographed and talked about ? not the pet in your backyard.Here are some general principles of availability:.

? Make sure you are available ONLY TWICE A WEEK to meet up with her. If timings clash, sorry, wait till next week. If she is genuinely interested in meeting you, she will change her own schedules.? Use the voice mail more often when you are dating. You leave her guessing and hankering for more of you.

? Don't be near your phone on Friday or Saturday nights. What a useless man you are, you should be at the most exclusive pub or rollicking with your "numerous" other friends that evening.? Play hard to get and forgetful when it comes to returning her calls. Otherwise you give the impression; yeah I was just waiting for your call baby.? During the very initial days of dating, speak to her only on the phone and that too basically to fix up the next meeting date. If she prefers to prolong the conversation, you politely ease out, promising to catch up with her, when you actually meet.

? Make 90 minutes your Cinderella hour. Never give her the impression that you really don't have much to do before or after that slot. If indeed you don't have anything to do, take a stroll, go for a movie alone, but limit your meeting time to just 90 minutes. Of course you can be flexible, if the date hits a high note and you both are truly enjoying yourselves.

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By: Joshua Goh

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