Does Israel Have The Right To Exist

Recently in a rather heated debate on one of the top political Blogs the comment came up; Israel would like to live in peace and look what they have to deal with. Another commenter asked; Does Israel have the right to exist?.Hamas the International Terrorist Party that now controls the Palestinian Territory says it does not recognize Israel and that Israel has no right to exist. A pretty hard line if one is trying to negotiate peace isn't it? One commenter said;.

"I truly believe as long as those squatters who call them selves Palestians are allowed to exist there, that there will never be peace. With the average age in the low twenties, there are just too many young aggressive recruitable young adults to brainwash to become Suicide Bombers and attackers [unemployment too high, nothing to do, no sense of purpose]. I find it interesting that those who call them selves Palestinians claim Israel does not have a right to exist when in actuality Palestine, does not exist nor should it be recognized as a legitimate nation or government. You cannot call a government run by Hamas, a gang grown into International Terrorist Organization and now into a government.".Indeed those are some very heavy comments on the other side of the negotiation table isn't it? And when the other side spoke up again they were showing their true colors as well as they stated; "A huge majority of the Jewish Israelis do not believe in peace.

Peace is being conceived as a dream, something that has nothing to do with reality. A party that speaks about peace brands itself as living in a fantasy world. Worse, it may be suspected of "Arab-loving". What could be more disastrous?".Next the pro-Israeli and their right to exist spokesman stated; "And why is this? Partly because it is true, nothing could be more disastrous than to trust Hamas.

History has shown we cannot trust, these groups do not honor their commitments to peace, it is silly to try, it is a complete waste of time and I support Israel to take action and clear the area once and for all for the protection of their people and if that land was outside the US or any other country with any sense of reality it would have already been done. Appeasement with this group cannot work. Nothing has worked so far.".

Indeed an unfortunate truth, nothing has worked, can we give peace a chance? Does it really have a chance? Why should the United States get involved at all? International Terrorism is a real problem in the world and it is everyone's problem and many believe that is one of the reasons the United States may wish to get involved. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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