Forgiving Yourself and Others - At some point in our lives, all of us have been wronged by another person and felt hurt, angry or resentful.

How to Strike Gold with Women Grave Behaviors That Women Abhor - You must realize at the very outset that there are some actions which irritate and put off a woman.

Ethanol Issues Must Not Take a Back Seat to Mass Media Hysteria - Ethanol and the E85 initiatives are key getting our Nation of the dependency on foreign oil and with China and India coming on line with incredible thirsts for oil to fuel their economic growth the World Prices for oil will continue to climb.

Sensory Awareness for Your Relationship Pay Attention - One of the biggest problems that couples face in a relationship is the ability to communicate effectively, honestly, and empathetically.

Restore Balance to Your Life with Six Simple Steps - You know the awful feeling of being out of balance.

Online Dating Service Choices for Beginners - The online dating service is the one of the newer entrants on the singles social scene.

Flirting Tips for Guys - By and large, guys are pretty bad when it comes to flirting.

Fate and Freewill Part III - Albert Einstein who was awarded Nobel Prize went to India during his journey to the orient.

Iranian Shahab Longrange Missile - It sure is nice to know that China, Russia and North Korea are busy supplying Iran with weapons.

Is There Intelligent Life on Earth Other Than Humans - Many believe that humans are divine as the religious teachings have purported for thousands of years and claim to this day.

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