Ethanol Issues Must Not Take a Back Seat to Mass Media Hysteria

Ethanol and the E85 initiatives are key getting our Nation of the dependency on foreign oil and with China and India coming on line with incredible thirsts for oil to fuel their economic growth the World Prices for oil will continue to climb. In fact OPEC would need to run redline and need an additional 25% capacity above their current abilities to supply that much fuel to the World.Additionally if the US is serious about growing a large percentage of its fuel to hedge its bet, then it better get busy now to get the infrastructure in and the pumps for those who buy these new alternative fueled vehicles. Automotive News reported:."For ethanol to be a real player in the transportation sector and lessen America's dependence on foreign oil, we need a strong, long-term focus on policies that increase U.S.

ethanol production and accelerate E85 infrastructure development,".Yes, how right that is and that's exactly why we need to address this issue and thankfully the Bush Administration and some key Senators are working hard to get things moving, but that means working with business rather than attacking it. And making sure the public understands what is going on. They are working hard to educate people so they do not forget the importance of this issue.

Good because with the Natalie Holloway Story leading the news along with upcoming early Hurricane Season, the predicted fire season and Iran Showdown if the issue is not forefront it will not have the public support. Without the sound and fury of the masses the politicians will put it back seat. We must press on if we are to see this thru, so continued success to the Administration and their endeavors to do so. Meanwhile Automotive News and insider industry publication also reported to the Auto Industry that;."Sen. Pete Domenici, who chairs the energy panel, said the lack of distribution for E85 is a big problem.

He said the government should lean on oil companies to install more pumps and Congress should follow up to "find out is there any role we have, any possible way we can pursue this, so that the companies will do more.".Indeed this is correct and until we have all of our ducks in a row this is not going to happen. And we are running against the clock with the Iran Showdown, conflicts with Venezuela and the International Terrorists attacks in Saudi Arabia and Nigeria; not to mention a fierce and early 2006 Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season.

So, we need to push the pedal to the metal and pull out all the stops if we are to win this game for the American People and the consumers of this great nation. Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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