How to Strike Gold with Women Grave Behaviors That Women Abhor

You must realize at the very outset that there are some actions which irritate and put off a woman. As we proceed further on, we will give you many options to choose from, with regard to such aspects of men's behavior which turn off women and ways to avoid display of such manners.1. Clingy/Needy Behavior
When you display a clinging, "I ?need-you-all-the-time" attitude. These arise mainly out of a constant fear of loss or a feeling of insecurity in men. If you give out a feeling to the woman that without her you will perish, since you feel so very insecure, it is surely going to put her off.

Like calling her a million times, feeling envious of her friends, resenting all or anything that she does with anyone else other than you, are activities which completely thwart a woman's sense of freedom and she will vanish at the first available opportunity.2. Pushy
When you display over-aggressive or bullish behavior.

Especially when it comes to a sexual relationship, some men bulldoze their way and force women to indulge in such an act. And of course, later wonder why they never derived any enjoyment out of it.3.

Women truly hate this. She might be temporarily impressed with your bravado, but with your continuous narration of "I" stories ? she will surely get bored. And most of all, don't you think you should hold her interest by giving out details part by part and not the whole thing in one go.4.

Angry or Violent Temper
Train your mind to learn to control your moods and temper adequately. A controlled behavior is the sign or a refined person. And a woman can not have faith in someone who loses his shirt or blows up frequently. She will be in awe of you but you can not win her confidence.

5. Insensitivity
This does not mean saying rude words to her; it means not being able to express to her that you are being light-hearted and in a fun-loving mood.6.

Men appear boring mainly if he is bashful or diffident and he is incapable of displaying his true character, his persona.7. Passive and Indecisive
Women feel very secure when her man is able to take prompt decisions, stick to his decisions and displays other leadership qualities. You then give out the signal of being in control of situations, being able to provide for her.

8. Be a Good Listener
Stop looking at her mammary glands for a change and listen. You then make her feel important.9.

Stop being Stingy and Mean
This does not mean that you flood her with expensive gifts all the time, but if on a date and in a café?be prepared to foot the bill. Chivalry still pays.10. Don't be Boorish
Some men think if they act rough and bristly with women, they will give some sort of a macho image, or gather a kind of sympathy, so that the next step she will take is restore him mentally and co-operate with his attitude. Think again.

11. When you Try Too Hard
When you pose to be the eager-beaver. Desperate to please.

She starts to get wary and skeptical.12. Sex on Top of Mind
It is perfectly alright to have sex in your mind. It is natural and women have that thought too. But if you approach her with this as the sole agenda of meeting her, she will run for life, and you will not even get a second chance.

13. Learn to Relax
Women find it a pleasure to be with a relaxed, calm and behaviorally controlled man. Practice the art of self-discipline.14. Stop Acting Defensive
If for some reason, you find the woman in a foul mood, stop acting defensive and giving her your story.

Be sympathetic and understanding. Master your own mind to keep emotions from flying off.15.

Develop a Positive Frame of Mind
Negative attitudes are a real no-no for most women.This article may be re-published with appropriate attribution to the author including name and website © Copyright.


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By: Joshua Goh

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