Iranian Shahab Longrange Missile

It sure is nice to know that China, Russia and North Korea are busy supplying Iran with weapons. Indeed are they simultaneously stalling with peace and preparing for war? Gee, wonder why? And all these underground tunnels in Iran, what is with all that activity anyway?.Iran in fact recently test fired one of its Shahab-4 missiles. That is a long range missile capable of hitting targets like Israel, Europe, Iraq and such and these new Shahab-Fours are the perfect little platform for a nuclear weapon.

While the US public is busy thinking that there will be a Civil War in Iraq the Iranians are planning to attack first and pre-empt any action or sign of build up from the West for war.These new Shahab-4 long-range missiles are not defensive type weapons, they are custom built for aggressive offense. So, not only are the Iranians building nuclear weapons, they are testing missiles to deliver them abroad to anyone who tries to stop their efforts. Currently the Iranian leadership is telling the people they are only going to be used to launch satellites? No even close, these are not the kind of missiles one uses to launch satellites. Hate to break it to you.The range of the Shahab-4 is from 930 to 1,240 miles and has very good accuracy, which is not typical of that class of missile.

The missile is about 60 feet long and holds 15 percent more missile fuel. Next the missile will be fitted with a re-entry arming fuse for the atomic weapon it will carry or maybe just lethal chemical weapon of mass destruction. Y'all still think the United States does not need a Missile Defense Shield? Time to wise up folks as the stakes in this game just got higher. Deal with it.


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