Is There Intelligent Life on Earth Other Than Humans

Many believe that humans are divine as the religious teachings have purported for thousands of years and claim to this day. Yet, are we any different than our fellow animal species in the categories of higher order mammals? Well many believe we are, as we have language, emotions, thought and we can problem solve and reason. Yes, but many animals can do that too? When pressed researchers and scientists cannot seem to figure out a single thing that makes humans unique or give reason to classify them in a separate category than the animal kingdom. Are you still unconvinced you egocentric human?.

"Humans are not the only species with personality, reasoned thought, ability to feel and express emotions such as Joy, despair, empathy. It is a blurred line between what we consider animal and human" says Jane Goodall.In fact studies have shown Dolphins to create phrases and even re-arrange sentences and we are almost certain based on the sounds that identify objects and actions. Such as "fish" "red ball" "Orange ball" and "Swim fast" "no" "go back" and phrases like "human with fish" "trainer with toy".

They re-arrange sentences with verbs and nouns in certain order and certain sounds coming first, they have their own language, we humans are just to stupid to figure it out.And in our egocentric ways few of us will admit that they are intelligent beings just like us. Maybe even smarter and certainly more adapted for their environment and more evolved than we are. The US Navy knows this and DARPA is learning that sharks are not only well evolved with some minimum of 450 million years of evolution, but very smart too; squids also and probably Penguins and of course all the sea lions, seals, whales, etc.

too.You want to talk about birds like the African Grays, Parrots, vultures, Falcons, pigeons, black birds, hawks, etc., as there are entire books on the subject. And let us not forget the wolves, foxes and such either. How about ground dwellers, we call them varmints, critters and such, but they have culture, language, and intelligence and are very well adapted too.

It is not just our closest DNA animals like Chimpanzees. You should consider all this in 2006.

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