Note to Food and Water Watch Reminder to Starbucks Activists Should Stop Masquerading - Five years ago, the Organic Consumers Association had Starbucks squarely in its sights.

Stress Relief Techniques - Is stress taking over your life? Do you wish you could just relax and not feel so much tension all the time? There are ways to reduce your stress using some very simple techniques.

In the National Guard in a State of Meltdown - The National Guard in 2005 made up 40% of the forces in Iraq and by Spring of 2006 most of the active duty are on their second go around in Iraq.

Yoga for Pregnant Woman Journal Exercise and Position Control of the Body Part - If you eat ghee and butter, you become fat, but in yoga the more ghee and butter you take, the thinner you become.

Great Questions You Can Ask Yourself To Help Build Self Esteem - I see so many people searching online for answers to help improve confidence, build self esteem, unlock motivation and find positive attitudes.

Tropical Storms Forming Here Comes Beryl and Chris - When will we get a new Tropical Storm? Will Beryl and Chris form as named storms in the same day, the same week or even in the same hour? Why do I make such a silly statement?.

Anything is Possible - The other day I was reading a very interesting article concerning a shark attack that occurred way back in 1916.

Embrace Change - On a business trip last week I left early in the morning.

Why I Avoid Negative People Like The Plague - If you?re trying to make any sort of change in your life, to take your self or your business to a higher level, there?s a certain kind of person that you should avoid like the plague.

Five Ways To Relax Instantly - Sometimes you need to relax when you're out and about and it's not convenient to take twenty minutes to lie down and relax totally: maybe on your way to a crucial appointment, in an interview, giving a presentation, or any other situation normally.

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