Great Questions You Can Ask Yourself To Help Build Self Esteem

I see so many people searching online for answers to help improve confidence, build self esteem, unlock motivation and find positive attitudes.But I am often amazed at how many of the answers we already have inside of us . it's just that we haven't found the right questions to ask of ourselves yet.

In this summary article, I'll explain how asking these 7 great questions can help you get the answers you are looking for.Question No. 1: "What Is My Ideal Outcome?".If you want to boost your confidence and build your self esteem, what are you doing it for?.There must always be an outcome for the mind-body connection, or else it will simply remain at "status-quo" due to inertia.

So specify an outcome:.What will your world look like when you have this new-found self esteem and self confidence?.Take some time to write out your "new ideal week".

And if you can also take on board these more advanced questions below, you might find yourself enjoying your outcome(s) sooner than you think.How will you think differently?.What new emotions will you feel?.How will you stand, sit, hold yourself differently? .Question No.

2: "How Many Different Ways Can I Create To Reach My Outcome?".Now assuming you do have an outcome, is it so fixed that there is only one way you can be happy?.Here's how to test this . if at any point your ideal future or outcome tests positive to this statement; "I'll be happy when .", or "I'll feel better because .

", then it could be that you are too dependent on only one way to achieve your outcome.So design multiple paths, brainstorm multiple and flexible alternatives - Plan A, Plan B, Plan C . any one of which will get you your desired outcome.Question No. 3: "How Do I Encode My Future?".

When I ask this question of my students, I often get blank looks (not surprisingly).Yet we all "encode our future" -- in fact you cannot not encode your future -- but few people except world-class sports people do it deliberately to achieve better results.Try this: Imagine standing right at the edge of a tall building. Now lean forward.

If your body responded to these imaginary thoughts, then how powerful would it be to imagine your future unfolding exactly the way you want it to.Tip: The best way to make this work is to work backwards from after the outcome is achieved - for example, look back at your day before you start it and imagine all the great things you have already achieved.Question No.

4: "What Am I Prepared To Leave Behind?".Are you "hanging onto any baggage" just because it feels comfortable?.So many people I talk to are desperate to change themselves but refuse to let go of the past . or even the present.Let's face it, to have things be different in your life, you have to do things differently and be different yourself. That means that some "less-than-useful" aspects of yourself will have to be thrown out.

Question No. 5: "How Am I Comparing Myself?".This is an extraordinarily powerful question to ask yourself.There are empowering internal comparisons we make -- and also those that can be extremely disempowering.

To take a well-known phenomenon -- the rise of anorexia. It is clear that comparisons between say, self-in-the-mirror to supermodel-in-the-magazine, are unhealthy and can cause extreme behaviors such as anorexia.So make sure that your comparisons are pragmatic. Compare yourself to an expert if you wish to be motivated . but perhaps choose to compare your-best-self-in-the-future with their-worst-self-in-the-past-at-the-same-point-in-their-life-as-you-are-now. (Lots of hyphens, but you get my drift).

Question No. 6: "Where Am I Reacting Rather Than Responding?" .Someone visits their Doctor.

The Doctor says, "You are reacting to the treatment".Oh-no!! How could this be? What has gone wrong?.Contrast that with this scenario .Someone visits their Doctor.The Doctor says, "You are responding to the treatment".

Thank goodness!.In our lives we can end up reacting to so many things that we no longer have real control.By learning to "respond" (yes, you'll need to actually unlearn reacting and to find some ways of learning how to "respond") you will find your ability to choose your direction and outcomes will rapidly expand.Even just thinking to yourself, "Now how can I respond differently?" will be of great assistance.

Question No. 7: "What Is Stopping Me From Having It Now?".I love this question -- it is one I use so often on myself!.If you are someone that finds all sorts of excuses and reasons for not attaining outcomes (as I used to be) -- maybe you procrastinate -- or what can be worse, you over-plan and strive for perfectionism -- just keep asking yourself: "What is stopping me from having this now/doing this now/being this now?".

You will find this will quickly mobilize your behavior towards becoming more useful. Sometimes it even helps you create alternative paths of action to help you get your outcomes more easily and effortlessly.By asking all of the above 7 questions on a regular basis, you'll find so many more ways you can build self esteem, boost self confidence, attain new levels of motivation and discover a new world of happiness.

And remember also to relax enough to allow your powerful unconscious mind to give you some useful help along the way.

.Robert Scanlon is a corporate consultant, NLP Trainer, and the author of "Supercharge Your Self Esteem In 28 Days Or Less", an online, multimedia course and ebook for Building Self Esteem and Self Confidence. You can sign up for the course at http://www.

By: Robert Scanlon

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