Embrace Change

On a business trip last week I left early in the morning. Half way through my journey the sun began to rise. I just knew it was going to be beautiful and so I pulled over to watch. I looked out the car window, over the country wall, down into a valley above which the amazing sunrise was about to occur. I saw the branches in the trees, the grass and the hills, the sky and the clouds all appearing motionless. But then I realised that the branches in the trees, the blades of grass, the clouds in the sky are in a constant state of motion,.

All were moving but so very slowly. Then the sun rose and a red sky erupted as if it had been flooded with lava. The sun shone behind the clouds to fire up the sky.I reflected further. Not only were the blades of grass, the branches in the far off trees, the clouds in the sky in constant motion but so too was I.

During all this I was in constant motion although I was sitting quietly. Further on still, I was in motion by being physically on this earth. The blades of grass, the trees, the clouds - and me - were all in that moment spinning at 67500 mph as part of the earth revolving about the sun which in turn forms part of our solar system revolving about the universe at 675,000 mph.

Then I pondered on this notion of my person being in constant motion, which could be defined as change ,which could itself be defined in terms of physical change (the body aging), emotional change (my emotions changing as I experienced the amazing sight), mental change as the experience expanded my mental capacity and spiritual change in my whole self growing as a result of this wondrous experience.The constant and instrumental factor throughout this whole experience is change. Change is very real.

It is the fundamental part of our world and existence. Without it life would be boring and stagnant. So, welcome change in every form it presents itself.

See it as a prerequisite for living and a catalyst for enlightenment, without which we could not grow, learn, live, reflect and

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By: Ronan Rooney

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