In the National Guard in a State of Meltdown

The National Guard in 2005 made up 40% of the forces in Iraq and by Spring of 2006 most of the active duty are on their second go around in Iraq. Some say that the National Guard is in a state of meltdown. In fact one General told Congress this when he stated in "24-months the wheels are coming off" and the liberal politicians are using this to condemn the Bush Administration and then going so far as to say that the Bush Administration cared more about their tax cuts then winning a "Democratic Middle East.

".First the argument that the Bush Administration tax cuts are somehow connected to the Islamic Cleric incited opposition to a free Iraq or new democratic government there is completely without merit. Running a government especially the United States government in charge of the greatest civilization ever created in the history of mankind is not easy nor should the policies be linear. So that call it is truly irrelevant in every regard.Next, let us discuss the issues with the National Guard and how this might affect the strategic strike taking out two-thirds of the Iranian army, all military assets of value and all targets of underground nuclear weapons manufacturing.

The National Guard army is not needed 4000 hour airstrike war on Iran and therefore any liberal who claims that we are overextended and therefore should not serve the political will of the entire world to rid Iran, the nation's state which sponsors international terrorism, but its nuclear warheads and atomic bomb manufacturing is out of sync with reality and therefore their comments or of no value and cannot be considered by any free man of reason. I hope you will consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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