Why I Avoid Negative People Like The Plague

If you're trying to make any sort of change in your life, to take your self or your business to a higher level, there's a certain kind of person that you should avoid like the plague.They're the pessimists, the negative people who see life through glasses coloured with their own limiting beliefs and low self-esteem.These are people who can never see the good side of things? who insist that someone or something is out to get them.

Who have so much self-loathing, that the only way they can feel good about themselves is by judging others. So little self-esteem that they end up pulling you down with them.They don't seem to understand that negativity and hate only breeds more of the same. And what you give out, you get back.

Some of them try to cover it up with arrogance, masquerading as over-confidence. I've met a few of these types, and I avoid them like the plague?.Why, you ask? Do I not want to help them?.

Well, yes. I used to feel sorry for them, until I realised that you can only help someone who WANTS to be helped.And the pessimists don't want to be helped. Because there's a payoff for their behaviour.And that payoff is - not having to take responsibility for their lives. Not having to take action to drag themselves out of the morass of their mind.

So they continue being negative, pulling others down and feeling sorry for themselves.They justify their negativity as being realistic. And continue to attract more of the same.Then they wonder why they're in the miserable situation they're in.

And if you have someone like this in your life. Someone who always makes you feel worse, I'll give you some very good advice.Cut them off from your life! Right now!.Because like a blood-sucking leech, they will drain you of all the positive feelings you have and drag you down into their miserable little world.

And if you happen to be a pessimist, here's some advice for you.Change your attitude!.You can choose to think negative thoughts or positive thoughts. Guess which ones will help you grow?.

You can choose to judge people or see the good in them. Guess which attitude will build better relationships?.You can choose to interpret life events in a way that disempowers you or one that empowers you. Guess which attitude will help you recover faster from tragedy?.You can choose to blame others or take responsibility for your life.

Guess which attitude will help you take action and grow as a person?.Your attitude is a choice. Why not choose to make it a good one?.


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By: Priya Shah

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