The Awful Truth About Television TV Corrodes Community and Democracy - Americans are watching more TV and doing less in their communities.

Military Psychology The Latest Developments - Aside from the billions of dollars spent on military hardware like planes, submarines, aircraft carriers and state of the art missiles, militaries and armed forces of the United States of America has also relied on military psychology to further b.

When Our Whole World Has Been Turned Upside Down - When our whole world has been turned upside down, it often leaves us in a state of shock and with a sense of emptiness and insecurity.

XL - This August, it?s my birthday, and I?m turning 37 years old.

Covert Subtle Sexual Child Abuse - Covert sexual abuse is more insidious than blatant sexual abuse.

Success The Key To Ending Self Saboatging Behaviors - What is a self sabotaging behavior? Well it is any behavior that you may engage that ultimately has poor consequences for you.

No Accusing Finger - ?There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit.

How to Accept Criticisms and Their Role in Our Life - Critics play a major role in shaping our lives.

Do You Think Iran Should Be Left Alone - Many are saying that Iran should be left alone and we do not need another war like Iraq.

The Blame Game - The urge to blame is a human impulse, which has existed from a million years ago.

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