Do You Think Iran Should Be Left Alone

Many are saying that Iran should be left alone and we do not need another war like Iraq. Yet any man who supports a Nation State, which sponsors International Terrorism and promises to blow another nation off the map with nuclear weapons is not of sound mind.Thus if you support Iran and not a strike to prevent them making Nuclear Weapons then your views are as irrelevant and the anti-Globalist, anti-US, anti-Free Markets conspiracy theorists hiding in the dark and unable to join the real world in a common cause.

I predict that Iran will get the war they want, 2/3 of the army will be destroyed, all military assets eliminated and nuclear weapons program annihilated. Then the Iranian people can restore their cosmopolitan nation without the fundamentalism and lunacy, which has taken over. Deny that truth.

How can anyone say defend Iran as they send insurgents into Iraq to kill US Troops and disable the fledgling new Iraqi government? How can anyone defend a nation, which gives money to International Terrorist groups who blow up civilians; babies, men, women and children?.How can anyone defend Iran as it manufactures nuclear weapons to put on top ICBM high-tech rockets and has promised to blow Israel off the map? Consider all this in 2006 and stop arguing with me.

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By: Lance Winslow

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