When Our Whole World Has Been Turned Upside Down

When our whole world has been turned upside down, it often leaves us in a state of shock and with a sense of emptiness and insecurity. Insecure in the fact that everything we happen to do may be an effort made in vain.Rendering us feeling insignificant and useless.

Sometimes we can be so sure of life. What we believe in, how we feel and where we want to go. Then there are times when we don't know what to believe in, how we feel or where the road we are on is leading.

Yep, so strong one minute and yet so weak in an instant.All we do know in the latter is that we ARE on a road leading to somewhere.These can be hurting times in our lives that left unprepared to face, can bring temptations that seem to help us cope with the pain, yet it's only a path that leads to more destruction in the end.

When our whole world is turned upside down, I'm learning that it's during these experiences in life that our faith is being tested. And when we are to sit back, relax and re-prioritize our life, rather than make hasty decisions that may cause more harm and hurt later on.Common questions that come to mind during these times are:.Why am I in this position?.Whose fault is it, mine, someone or something else?.

How can I regain focus and purpose?.What do I need to do?.You see I've asked myself these questions over and over again. But when our whole world is turned upside down, it really doesn't matter why we're in a certain position or whose fault it may be, even if it's our own.

What does matter is that we analyze the situation or circumstance and make steps to correct them from that point. It's not going to erase what it is we are going through?.BUT?.

It will help us to gain an understanding IF?.We shift our focus on being a person that is concerned, rather than one that is worried.Why?.Because worry tends to immobilize us while genuine concern motivates us to action. Concern gets us up off of our duff so that we can DO something about it!.When we possess (grab a hold of, take possession of) this character trait, we are able to hurt during our time of hurt.

After the hurt, the healing process can begin. It starts by getting sick and tired of being sick and tired, and then we are able to move on.We are able to find something positive and beneficial to keep us occupied, out of trouble and from the dangers of a wandering mind.

Something that will simultaneously create within us a new mind-set as we slowly begin to replace our bad habits for good ones.When our whole world gets turned upside down, if we choose to patiently endure the season rather than RUN from it, it serves to build a character within us that cannot be shaken. The things that use to bother us, no longer matters. The things that were hindering us, we find the strength to remove.

We have re-gained focus and our eyes are on the prize (the end result).If YOUR whole world gets turned upside down, what are you going to do?.The best time to fight temptation is before it even starts. Know how you're going to handle it ahead of time.

Start now putting together a plan of action to combat temptation BEFORE it comes to you.

.Darryl Robinson is on a mission to provoke, inspire and assist those wanting to take their faith, purpose, and business beyond a state of merely existing. Visit http://www.messiah-connection.

com and get-connected..

By: Darryl Robinson

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