The Adjusted Race - When we talk about different races mixing in our modern civilizations we often talk about the large adjustments they must make go from where ever they came from into a first world nation.

The Three Natures of Work - The always-on-the-move tendency of the world just means that everyone needs to sacrifice most of their natural needs (eating luxury, entertainment indulgence, sex paradise and other prevailing ignorance) in order to achieve just one aspiration: ?t.

Land Mine Accord Needed Turkey Iran Iraq and Kurds - Well here we go again as Troops from Iran and Turkey are coming over the border in Northern Iraq to flush out some of the Kurds.

Fear Mastery Steps to Overcome Obstacles - What is fear? Where does it come from? We know logically that we should not have these fears, but emotionally these fears are larger than life.

From Bachelor Pad to Love Nest Making It Work - Losing your castle can either be really great or really traumatic depending on how ready you are for what?s ahead.

Rise To The Challenge And Take Change In Your Stride - CHANGE is often daunting for people as it is associated with ones routine being changed and ensuing instability.

The Knife Culture In Britain - Britain has currently got a knife amnesty in place.

How Can Tai Chi Offer the World a New Generation of Geniuses and Change the World for Us All - Copyright 2006 Bill Douglas.

Ban All Religions in - Have you ever stopped to consider during this huge controversy over the Catholic Church and the Da Vinci Code Movie that maybe we just need to ban all religions? Starting with whatever religion that the International Terrorists are and even the Ca.

Turning SpeedBumps Roadblocks and Detours into Signals - Remember the last time you took a road trip? With your bags packed, car loaded, map laid out on the front seat, destination circled, you anxiously anticipated your arrival.

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