The Adjusted Race

When we talk about different races mixing in our modern civilizations we often talk about the large adjustments they must make go from where ever they came from into a first world nation. When we look at the United States of America and we talk about; The Adjusted Race, many people consider that African or Black Americans indeed have done quite a bit of adjusting in our early beginnings here in our country.After all being sold into slavery and taken to a foreign land is not exactly so similar to where these folks were taken from.

And we all agree that is not a very fair thing to do to a human being of any race. Nevertheless it appears if we call them the adjusted race we see that indeed they have not only adjusted they have excelled in so many of the different aspects, industries and categories of our society.And we can say they have made a huge and positive impact in almost every aspect of American life. It is surprising something so sinister and evil as human slavery has turned into in modern times such a cultural bonanza and incredible asset to our nation now. Can you imagine how much further we would have been ahead had they come freely to work and build their families here without slavery? Think about it.While thinking about that, consider all the other races and cultures who have left their homelands and come here to build a better life and how much they too have given to the American way of life.

This is my philosophical thought of today. Catch me tomorrow for another something to think about, while you consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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