Land Mine Accord Needed Turkey Iran Iraq and Kurds

Well here we go again as Troops from Iran and Turkey are coming over the border in Northern Iraq to flush out some of the Kurds. Turkey says that there are 12 million Kurds in Turkey and they are trying to take over. Iran will use any excuse to screw with Iran and cause conflict for the United States and they are calling the Kurds Terrorists and saying that their strong hold is there in the Northern Iraq region.With all sides claiming the other is the cause and each nation trying to supposedly defend a border region where all those three countries come together there, it seems some are planning on planting more Land Mines, roadside bombs and IEDs. The problem is that we all know what happens when armies, guerillas or governments start planting land mines.You see eventually the conflict is resolved and the land mines stay there until one day a little child or innocent person steps on one and blows up.

The number of land mine deaths in the World is staggering and needs to stop.I propose that the three countries get together to solve this issue of conflict in that border region on friendly UN Soil somewhere and then open dialogue and perhaps while we are at it we can also discuss some other pressing issues and makes some of our main points known up close and personal. Because war is not for children or leaders who act like them; Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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