Ban All Religions in

Have you ever stopped to consider during this huge controversy over the Catholic Church and the Da Vinci Code Movie that maybe we just need to ban all religions? Starting with whatever religion that the International Terrorists are and even the Catholic Church its self?.I mean they have kind of blown it with this latest round of child molestations and they are known for playing both sides against the middle in previous wars. In fact with all the stolen art you have to wonder if that tactic did not serve them well, too well?.If we consider these International Terrorists who obviously are a very problematic group as they go around killing as many innocent people as possible under the name of their god and religion one has to wonder if perhaps the religion is the problem along with all those Clerics who rather enjoy their sense of power. And any religious leader who calls for beheadings or Jihad Holy War because someone some 4000 miles away drew a nasty cartoon is simply out there anyway?.

So lets just ban all human religions and let people worship on their own or get together if they feel so inclined. What if we simply banned all religions in the present period and had them all gone by 2012? Consider this in 2006.

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