With Religion Good People Can Now Do Evil Thing

Recently in a very heavy debated political Blog the personal attacks became overwhelming to the point of wondering what was wrong with these people. The debate took an issue of International Terrorism and turned it into a religious brawl and a literal free for all. In the heat of the conflict a gentleman [Sam] posts;.

"Food for thought. without religion, good people will continue to do good things and bad people will continue to do bad things. With religion."good" people can now do evil things!".Sam, I very much appreciate that comment. May I use that saying in the future and where did you come across this quote for the record? The way I see it is that when humans get together in groups that require you to give up your belief system to join, they then in turn replace it with something else.

Then in order to build unity in the group they pick an enemy. Then they label their enemy evil, making it okay to kill them?.Kind of an unfortunate and problematic situation for humankind, and all religions seem to partake in these destructive ways? And although this is not on topic, I am grateful you bring it up. You see, Sam makes a very good point about the problems with religion in our world and how it is so easy to hate, when religion proclaims an enemy of another culture. Consider this in 2006.


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