The Hidden Secrets of Homosexuality in Islam

Most Muslims are very strict in there life and they follow the ways of Islam. But not all Muslims are so devoted to Islam. It fact recently one very outspoken homosexual said that there are actually many gay Middle Easterners. But of course they would never talk about it because of the severe penalties including death.Actually the outspoken homosexual makes a very good point, it is an issue is not talked about very much, but there is a huge homosexual community that is in the closet due to the harsh reality of Islam and the Muslim religion. Many men are completely sexually frustrated and indeed participate in homosexual activities such as we saw on the pictures in Abu Grave with the men involved in an orgy.

In fact this is very common although it is also taboo and cannot be talked about. Many Muslim gay men or ashamed of their activities with homosexuality and will not discussed the camera. The guilt must be overwhelming for them. Personally I do not believe we should bring this issue up, because it is so taboo in the Muslim and Arab world.So forget I mentioned it, however in the future with the Middle East once it is a more open society and more comfortable with their own sexuality; we will see a huge coming out of the closet with their overall population and perhaps this might help in limiting the unbelievable population growth in the Middle East, where there are little water resources. Islam is not all they say it is for everyone only the devout.

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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The Hidden Secrets of Homosexuality in Islam - Most Muslims are very strict in there life and they follow the ways of Islam.

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