How Do YOU Take Care Of YOURSELF

Most of us know, almost instinctively, how too take care of others and we do it very well. We take of children, spouses, friends, and pets! Yet, when it comes to self-care, we don't seem to care.It's as if we say to ourselves "take care of others and they will take care of me." Well, how is that working for you?.

Other people cannot read your mind, no matter how much they love and care about you. Only you can take care of yourself!.It is actually your number one job.

The first step in taking care of yourself properly is:.Eat Right!
Eat all those good healthy things that you're always telling others to eat. Get a medical check up and take supplements to boost and maintain your immune system. Say "No" to crash diets and lose weight by eating in moderation.

Make the decision to stop smoking and stick to it!.Exercise!
Exercise has been proven to have an enormous overall positive impact on our quality of life. In addition to helping us protect against some conditions,such as hypertension and stroke,obesity and some cancers, exercise helps us relax and breathe in a way that most of don't do at other times.The most important things to consider when planning your exercise routine, is to make sure it fits into your lifestyle and that you enjoy whatever program you choose.The "S" word!
Stress is a killer, literally and figuratively. Extreme and prolonged stress eventually weakens the immune system which leaves our bodies vulnerable to disease and other illnesses.

In a less dramatic form, stress takes the joy out of living and makes us behave like "killjoys". We don't get along with others and they don't enjoy being around us.When we allow ourselves to be overstressed, even the smallest disappointment becomes a big issue and gets blown out of proportion.One of the best ways, to handle stress is a "reality check" and an" attitude of gratitude". Realize that life and the world would go on, even if you died that minute.That thought usually sobers me up very quickly.

In addition, I look for people and things in my life that I love and am grateful for. Do you have good health, a loving spouse, wonderful friends, a job you love?.Say "thanks!"
One of the blessings of examining your life with an attitude of gratitude is that you will want to be around to enjoy them for a long time.

And that means taking care of yourself!.

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By: Yvonne Finn

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