Why Its Important For A Woman To Swallow A Mans Semen During Oral Sex

I have women ask me all the time whether it's proper or not to swallow a man's semen while performing oral sex. It seems the proverbial question during girl talk is, "to swallow or not to swallow.".We can complicate just about anything having to do with relationships, if you haven't already figured that out.

For a man, the answer is quite simple.For a woman, it can be much more complicated. Will he like oral sex? Should I ask him about it? Should I just go down and do it without comment? Does he want me to spit or swallow? When should I spit or swallow? Will he still respect me if I swallow and will he like me as much if I spit it out?.First of all, ALL men LOVE oral sex.Especially when it's performed on them. When considering performing oral sex on your partner and whether or not you should swallow, you need to consider several things.

For a man, when a woman performs oral sex and swallows his semen, there's nothing I know of that can complement him more.The reason why oral sex is so exciting for a man to have performed on him, is because it is the ultimate in femininity.When a man experiences a woman going down on him, nothing in the world could equal the excitement that he's experiencing at that moment.When you ice this wonderful cake with the act of swallowing his semen, you're sending a message to your lover that there is absolutely nothing you would not do for him.You're sending a message to him that there is nothing you find repulsive about him, and that you adore every part of him, from the inside out.

For many men, the simple visual stimulation of your head positioned in his lap while providing the ultimate stimulation is enough for him to go off in seconds. So you better be prepared and know what you want to do with it. When you perform the act with enthusiasm it only makes it more exciting for him.For a woman, it's easy to get caught up in the reasoning behind oral sex and whether or not to swallow.It's important to realize that the act of oral sex should be totally up to you, your choice as to when, and certainly the decision of letting him ejaculate in your mouth and what to do with it.However, it's important also to realize that what you do with his semen, and in turn, his excitement, sends deliberate messages to his mind.

Please note that the average man thinks of sex much more than a woman, and his perception of sexual acts can be totally different than women.For a woman, working herself up sexually to perform oral sex can take quite some time. But this article is not about how to get yourself worked up to the act, or whether or not you should perform oral sex on your partner in the first place.This article assumes that you have a partner that you care enough for to perform oral sex. When you care enough for your partner to perform this most intimate act, you must always consider, and reconsider, how your lover thinks.

This will help you with your decision of what you should do during the moment, so you're not caught off guard.I'm not going to try and influence you to swallow your partner's semen, or even perform oral sex. If you have someone that you care about enough to perform the act, I will say that it is important to finish it off with the act of swallowing.The reasons why it's so important to swallow your partner's semen is because:.

1. When you perform oral sex your partner is more or less expecting you to swallow his semen.2. When you swallow his semen, your sending him a message that your impression of him, as a man, could not be any better.3.

Your man feels that you are consuming and partaking his "inner being" and accepting every part of him.On the other hand, consider a woman who would perform oral sex without finishing it off with swallowing:.1. The man is wondering why she didn't swallow.2.

The man is wondering if he's good enough for her since his "inner being" isn't good enough.3. The man is wondering how many other men "were good enough" to swallow for.

4. The man is left feeling as if a special cake was baked, but the icing left off.5. The woman is sending messages that she only cares so much, but there are limits.Keep in mind that I realize there are exceptions to all of this.

There are times that my lover wants me to be kinky and perhaps not swallow, but do something else with his semen during oral sex. I won't go into that here, for obvious reasons. But this is for the woman who is on the edge, wondering if she ought to do it for her lover or not.By all means, you should not let anyone talk you into doing anything you really don't want to do. You're not going to ever come to accept something that repulses you. However, if you think highly enough of your partner to perform oral sex, then by all means let him know just how much you care by following it up with the act of consuming him.

Besides, Cosmopolitan Magazine has conducted studies where they compared married women who engaged in this very intimate act regularly, with married women who did not. The married women who engaged in oral sex and swallowed regularly for their mate experienced less infidelity as compared to women who would not go all the way during oral sex. The results speak for themselves.

We want our partners to be faithful to us. It's that simple. But how willing are we to put ourselves out there and show him how much he means to us. The decision is up to you, but I think that if you keep your mind open, and care enough for your partner, you'll enjoy swallowing his semen more and more.

If you are a woman that cannot get past the taste, there are some articles that address how to overcome this, and even how to improve the taste of semen.

.Silka Winsome is a fashion consultant, sexual researcher, author, and has modeled for many retail fashion outlets, including JC Penney. For more information on how anyone can become more sensuous and attractive, visit her website at http://www.

By: Silka Winsome

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