White Sun Knowledge

Those who are wise appreciate knowledge like diamonds, gold, silver and rubies. It can guide us to avoid unhappiness and leads us to happiness. It is the best jewel and with it one can find pleasure but must not abuse it to cause one to be unhappy. Those who are wise revere knowledge like a good teacher because knowledge is the best teacher to lead us into a meaningful life.Parents are like teachers who instruct and teach personally when their children are young and with them.

When children are away, parents cannot guide them. Our own knowledge will always instruct ourselves to do the right thing in life and that is why possessing the right knowledge is most reverential.On the mundane knowledge there are two types.

They are arts knowledge and science knowledge. In ancient time, learning verbally was known as Arts Education and learning things by using the hand was known as Science Education. Arts knowledge is now classified for those under study of literature, history, geography, law, social relations, culture and so many other types. Science knowledge includes those under Chemistry, Physics, Botany, Zoology, Engineering, Mathematics and many others.Both play a very important part in life complimenting and feeding each other. The basic knowledge of Arts should be acquired in the younger days of the youth to establish the inner human value.

If there is no Arts Education then the right mode of language, dispensation or the teachings of great people cannot be established and they will disappear. Science Education is for progress and development and therefore it should be acquired too.Knowledge is preferable as compared to other jewels such as gold or silver. It cannot be stolen and is held in high esteem.

Earning a living using our knowledge is the best livelihood and that is why educated people are respected and many wish to become intellectuals. When a person has a medical doctor or professor title in front of his name, he is usually more respected than others. These people usually speak better than ordinary people.According to Forbes 2006, Bill Gates is the richest man in the world worth US$50bil. He said, "With the success of Microsoft, I have also been given the gift of great wealth. I believe that with the gift of great wealth, comes great responsibility.

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation founded by him and his wife has given out US$10.5bil so far.".

This is an excellent example of wealth given to the right person who knows the right thing to do with wealth. Microsoft went from the drawing board to become an international software colossus. This is also an excellent example of knowledge of science for progress and development to turn poverty into wealth.On Supra-Mundane knowledge, many have gone wrong and they practise incorrectly which we see today killings everywhere. God will never instruct their people to kill for any reason. If people practise incorrectly, they will never be able to reach the good realms in future existences, and they will not gain true peace and eternity.

Common sense can tell whether it is beneficial or not by applying supra-mundane knowledge to gain salvation through violence. Simple analytical reasoning will also give an understanding by observing the happenings done in the wrongful manner whether it gives happiness or not. Unfortunately one man's meat is another man's poison.Right thinking or reasoning power is the first step to gain true supra-mundane knowledge. One must think and reason in whatever one does. In the Buddhist teaching the sequence of practice comes firstly from right understanding then follows by thought, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness and finally concentration.

This is called the right eightfold paths. The two ways of practising is through meditation and chanting daily to have deep realization and insight knowledge of life.This is a simple teaching of my Heavenly Teacher JiGong:."Life (human existence) is impermanent.

The impermanent world is just an illusory flower and a false scene. We must be able to disillusion with (see through) the impermanence and see through this dream. Disciples! If you are trapped within this illusory flower and false scene and stay unawake from the Dream, you will be dragged along by the destiny for the whole life, and your mind will not be able to turn the situations around you. Hence, the value of life is to seek a permanent home to return to.And a life of the True, the Good and the Beautiful is one where you must be able to apply your marvelous wisdom to explore fully the impermanence of life; and not only to chase after the beautiful scenes before your eyes.

All the beautiful scenes will fade away with the merciless time and tide. Take a look at those ancient heroes! How many of them can conquer the merciless time and tide; how many of them can conquer heaven-and-earth? Therefore, when this short-lived life cannot be 'lingered on,' we can only borrow its shortness to create the permanent. Hence, a clever person will definitely make use of the shortness of time to set up an eternal and divine undertaking.".Author: T.A Chew.

.T.A Chew took up the mission of propagating Tao after realizing the profound truth in the teaching of his Heavenly Teacher.

He learned that to study Truth is the noblest wish of a human being and to disseminate Truth is the holiest responsibility of a human being. Website: Source:


By: Teow Aun Chew

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