Utopia Building and the Ends and Mean Debates

Many people wish to make the United States of America a Utopian Community. Is it possible? Well, surely as it has freedom, liberty and abundance and thus if you plan on building a giant Utopian Nation, well the US is a great place to start. Many in the World Futurists Society wish to make it just that.But can we build Utopia while tearing down our commercial infrastructure, our corporations and economy with over regulation and over lawyering? In other words it becomes the antithesis of the problems associated with the "do the ends justify the means debate?" Because if you do everything the warm and fuzzy way and you fail to accomplish your goal you have a more important question to ask; "Do the Means justify the Ends, if the ends will surely result in dismal failure" which I am afraid all to often the World Futures Society in their skewed view of the potential eventuality for Utopia fail to recognize.

You see someone has to make it all happen and take charge to get it done. And Utopia is built by doers not talkers or academia thinkers, who many times have never done anything personally. They, well they just like to talk about it is all. And in doing so sway the opinions of those in charge to put the reality check on the back seat, open the window and drive off towards the Utopian Dream down a dead end road while the "check" to pay for it all blows out the window because no one would with any real savvy will risk the capital on such a fool hardy and inconceivable plan which although would be great if it were possible is nothing more than a pipe dream. Let's consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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