Trends on loosening up with the Suit

Many still hold that suits are the focus of messages like strength, confidence, and business. "Playful" may never enter that elite circle of prestige, unless you want to walk on the bold side. The first idea we need to build on is that a suit essentially ought to have a quality fit. Look for?no, expect to buy!--suits that are slimmer.

If you think you can bring out the best in it, or better yet, that it brings out the best in you, get madras or paisley jackets. At this point, let's digress and be reminded that there is a whole lot to gain from rediscovering a suit(or discovering a suit if you're in your early 20s), a more efficient means for getting across what or who you are than stubbornly insisting on being casual in golf shirts and khakis 24/7. Sure, corporate scandals did bring to the forefront the kicking and screaming spectrum of human nature. Yet even the young cannot deny the connection made by tapered men's suits, with their form-fitting sleeves and flat-front trousers. This brings us to the idea that with enough of that bonus, and coupled with your savings, why not try getting yourself a pair of suits: one for power meetings, and the other for more laidback occasions? Experiment with a khaki jacket paired with linen, and completed by charcoal trousers, an dark striped shirt and a dark-striped tie.

Nothing like knowing you are in the know when it comes to a complete men's wear must-gets. But it's also understood (and you yourself must also know) that you are no artist, who can just keep on throwing color around and end up with a head turner. Confused with how to mix colors? Start things off with similar tones; the rule of thumb is to pick a shirt and tie in the same color range.

Then choose the pants that complements the dominant color of these two. If something from Europe is invading, then let's welcome with open arms those French cuffs. As usual, since some small point of disorderliness sometimes ends up being called hip, be thoughtful and leave those cuffs unfastened when going out after the helter skelter. The last word goes to the shoes. Nobody in the conservative set would have imagined it, but even the top fashion houses have their own takes on those laceless leathers. A good pair of slip-ons have a pointy toe and a high instep.

Still, rest easy that lace-up shoes look right, especially wood tones with summer suits.

Sue Bowling is the Owner of EshopOne a supplier of Mens Suits. Having been selling mens clothing online since 1999, she is considered by some to be an "old timer".

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