Thomas Jefferson Died Broke Is Our Nation Going to End Up the Same Way

Most all Americans know that Thomas Jefferson was a great man, a thinking man, but so many people do not know he died broke. A good book to read on the subject is; Saving Monticello, as it describes the Levy Family who moved into the Estate after Thomas Jefferson died and restored it the mansion and landscaping too.This brings me to another topic of conversation and purely intellectual only, not trying to make a point one way or the other. If Thomas Jefferson died broke and owing money and bankrupt then one ought to ask; Was he good with money? Did he envision something grander than he could afford? And if so would we be wise to follow all of his words in regard to our nation?.In other words is the utopian environment he built for himself unaffordable by his then standards and costs.

And to that point is his concept of a perfect country more divine than is actually possible then or now? And if so should we be re-considering what our politicians of our current day are adding in the way of costs to this on-going perfect Utopian concept of America?.Should we have a reality check on all this? In other words can we afford Free Health Care to everyone and all the services and infrastructure with our current and near future assets or will we end up spending America into oblivion?.No need to answer or debate. Chew on that thought for a while and consider the next period and future generations as we pass the golden baton to them and depart. Think on this in 2006, philosophically of course, nothing more.


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By: Lance Winslow

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