The War with Iran is Inevitable

There is no way now to stop a war with Iran as they have supported insurgents in Iraq and continue to fund the International Terrorist Party of Hamas. Additionally in threatening to blow Israel off the map and buying ICBM platforms from China and weapons systems from Russia, they intend on having a war.Then there is their nuclear weapons research divisions and their secret stealth missiles and underwater 4 miles per minute torpedoes they are testing. There is going to be a war as Iran continues to make threats and make weapons rather than rebuilding their cities devastated from their most recent Earthquakes.Is pre-emptive action appropriate? Well, if there was ever a time when it would be, now would be that time so we must act decisively and completely annihilate the Iranian military and destroy all their weapons and cause turn over in their government immediately. There is no other way.

China, Russia and Syria had better stand the hell down and watch and keep quiet, because there is no place in the world for nations who support rogue nations who support international terrorists by night and try to negotiate during the day at the United Nations. It is time for war, political impasse has already occurred we can no longer play this game. The game is over it is time to do the right thing.

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