The United States is a Decaying Country WTF

Well folks now I have heard it all, as a Muslim Canadian in BC writes that the United States is a decaying nation and he sites several examples of news events and blows them out of proportion like some Al Jazeera Jihadist with a hard on? We need to cut that off right now, you see, the US is not decaying in any way. Despite what the World Media and some petty reporters say or the politically charged Democratic Campaigns. Our Muslim Canadian friend writes;.

"OPEN YOUR EYES TO THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR DECAYING COUNTRY.".Well now, not only is this a bunch of utter hokum, I know it is not true, you see, I have been to every city over ten thousand in the United States in the last four years. I know this country better than anyone else. I can tell you this is indeed the greatest civilization bar none in the history of the human species.

No other country comes close. I have traveled Canada too, Europe, Asia, Australia, some middle east and some South America. The United States is the best.

How dare you say that the US is not tolerant; I am glad you are happy to be a Canadian, but wish you Canadians would stop the BS of telling the US what we should do. Because we are doing it better than you could ever dream of. There is nothing wrong with President Bush. His detractors have been attacking him since before he took office. Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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