The Themes of Responsibility

One of the advisory opinions that I caught up while watching a move, entitled Spiderman was "great power comes from great responsibility." The movie seems just plain entertainment for most of the kids and youth, but the quote "great power comes from great responsibility" is good enough to serve as my initiative to produce this ethic-oriented article."Responsibility", the buzzword, human stereotype, selection criterion in the workplace, political character during the election campaign and the first and foremost factor for work delegation.In this modern and diverse society, responsibility plays a very decisive role in term of "job recruitment and work delegation.

" Do you believe that sense of responsibility is the most important factor for job criterion and political position? This is one of the facts that is rarely revealed and explored.Responsibility and authority are always on par with another. One of the problems that cause a person to be responsible is that, that person is not delegated with entire authority, necessary to complete the work independently and, to a more in-dept extent, on the sovereignty basis (sovereignty, in this sense, means that decisions circumnavigation the work, such as entering into business transaction, staff-dismissal, promotion or increase capital.) It is natural that a person is fully responsible, if he or she is fully delegated the authority.One of the stereotypes that make human different from other existing species on the universe is the sense of responsibility. Imagine! Even a two-year-old kid gets nervous when he or she breaks a glass.

This unease feeling is the sign of responsibility that human boasts even from the young age.Responsibility is an incentive to industriousness. Many people would argue against this. To the extent of heaviness of work, the sense and practicality of responsibility is always on par to the work's extent; to be simple: how heavy the work is, you will be responsible to its extent.

If we do equation, trust would lead to work delegation and finally success: trust + work delegation = success. Not fully delegate the entire authority is one of the reasons to make one profit or non-profit affiliation fails; however make sure that you trust each other before deciding to do this.Responsibility also produces "creativity." Why is this the case? As being a translator and freelance writer, I am diplomatically ordered to complete the obligations on time; and of course, with desirable quality. Having received such the delegation, I am obliged to find any possibility to make sure my task is completed timely and with great quality.

This self-conscious obligation not only makes me industrious and committed, but I have to seek for the already-used, as well as my own ways to complete the task as per the specified schedule and at least, acceptable quality: this is one of the very first step toward creativity.Too many more of leadership stereotypes are concealed behind the "sense of responsibility." Once you start to insert the sense of responsibility into your own heart, many desirable human characteristics will be followed; innovation, commitment, industriousness, self-confidence, aspiration and last but not lease, I call it "courage for the twenty-first century."."Responsibility, an unschooled curriculum, but a truly practicality module for success!" (Lay Vicheka's quote on "Responsibility").

.Lay Vicheka is a translator for the most celebrated translation agency in the Kingdom of Cambodia, Pyramid. He is working as freelance writer for Search Newspaper, focusing on social issues and students' issues. Lay Vicheka has great experience in law and politics, as he used to be legal and English-language assistant to a member of parliament, migration experience (home-based business) and experience in writing.

You are stronly advised to contact him for any doubts or wonder about Cambodian politics and even the world's phenomenon. Posting address: 221H Street 93, Tuol Sangke quarter, Russey Keo district, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Tel: 855 11 268 445,

By: Vicheka Lay

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