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When Shaquille O'Neal arrived in Miami from the L.A Lakers, he had a message for the championship-hungry White Hot fans Am gonna bring the Championship to Miami, I promise. Frankly in as much as I love and trust Shaq, I thought that was too much of a promise. But Shaquille had a vision and he believed in the possibility of achieving that vision. This vision and other principles outlined below constitute the success secrets of the 2006 NBA Champions, the Miami Heat.1.

Vision.You see everyone needs a vision in life. Whatever you wish to attain in your life, create a picture of that as if it had already happened. As Arnold Schwarzenegger puts it what you do is to create a vision of who you want to be, and then live into that picture, as if it were already true.2. Team Work.

Miami Heat's victory is a team victory. Their triumph is the result of team work. Yes, team work! You might take that as given but it is common for people to be in a team and yet there is no team work in that team.

Team work is the golden key to success when working with others. I guess you remember Shaq's troubles with Kobe in L.A. yet when the Big Man arrived in Miami, he called Dwayne Wade (Flash) and talked to him about the need for them to co-operate and avoid undue tension and it did really work.

At the end of the day Miami Heat won, Shaquille O'Neal won, Dwayne Wade won?that's the miracle of creative co-operation. It leads to multiple victories if conducted with the spirit of harmony and a positive mental attitude. Star (and senior) players like Alonzo Mourning and Antoine Walker had to take the back seat and allow young Dwayne (and Shaq) to take the leadership on the court. This called for sacrifice and at the end of the day Alonzo, Walker and Payton all got their due reward when the long illusive ring finally adorned their fingers.

3. Perseverance.Perseverance was another key, in fact it was the bed rock of the Heat's success. The perseverance of this team was epitomised by the never-say-die attitude of Dwayne Wade. In Dwayne Wade's Lesson in Perseverance.

I wrote about how Flash was hospitalized on the very day of this match, being sick with flu. Sports Illustrated reported that Wade spent."half-time and the first three minutes of the second half tethered to an IV".However, this obstacle would not stop the young dynamic star from doing his best; he was described as dehydrated earlier that day but whilst I (and some match commentators) were wondering whether Wade would be effective in the game or even play to the end, he was WHITE HOT with energy and he persevered to the very end including a spectacular scoring of "10 points in less than 9 minutes".The Miami Heat further demonstrated another lesson in perseverance when they rose from a demoralizing 2-0 defeat in the first games of the final series and rose above the odds to claim the championship.4.

Faith.The biggest success lesson I learnt in the 2006 NBA Finals came from Heat Coach Pat Riley. When the wise coach was interviewed on ESPN on the eve of game 6, he was asked what would be his strategy for game 7 if he lost 6. "am not thinking about game 7" was his reply. Further pressed for comments on his strategy if he lost the sixth game, Pat Riley was still cool and confident.

"I packed only one shirt, one suit and one tie". I could not believe my ears but his insistence showed me that the great motivator did pack only one set of clothing when he travelled to Dallas for game six. Then I said to myself "Pat Riley and the Miami Heat will win this championship on game 6!".You see faith is the corner stone to enduring success in any field. Faith in God, faith in your God-given talents, and faith in your team mates.You now have the success ingredients of the Miami Heat.

Go ahead and implement them in your life NOW, whatever your calling. You will certainly celebrate your own Championship victory very soon.

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By: Momodou Sabally

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