Signs that a Man is Too Desperate

So you think you've found a great guy online; he's available, interested in your life, and always calls when he says he will. And even though this guy seems like the best catch in town, it's possible he's too desperate. Before you end up with a needy, clinging man on your hip, watch out for these warning signs:.ALWAYS AVAILABLE: Whenever you send him an email, he responds within minutes. If you call him, he always picks up his phone within three rings and drops whatever he's doing--work, watching sports, putting out a kitchen fire--to talk to you.

NEEDS CONTANT REASSURANCE: He's always asking if his hair looks okay, if his suit fits correctly, or if you like his new necklace. He wants constant reassurance that you find him more interesting than any other profile on the online dating service.CHANGES FOR YOU: His profile reports that he loves martial arts films, but when he finds out you're into romantic comedies, he immediately chooses Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts as his favorite actresses. Or he claims to dislike fish and seafood, but expresses his joy when you suggest sushi for your first date dinner.All of these are warning signs of a desperate man who will become clinging and needy in the future. If you want someone who bends to your will and is constantly dependable--to the point that you're placed on a pedestal--this might be the guy for you.

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By: Peter Portero

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