Saying Goodbye To Kirby Puckett

When you think of the Minnesota Twins, one name stands out. Yes my friends, Kirby Puckett's name is the name most associated with that great team.Sadly, Kirby Puckett passed away (03/06/06) today in Arizona from a stroke. Most Minnesota Twins fans are saddened by this tragic loss.Kirby was well loved by many Minnesotans.

When he played for the team, he played with his heart and soul. He devoted himself to the Twins. His loyalty to his ball club is rarely seen with today's athletes.Kirby helped bring two World Series championships to the Twin Cities.

Kirby had the opportunity of leaving the twins and moving to another club midway through his career. Kirby decided to stay with the Twins, even though it meant settling for a contract that was millions of dollars less then what had been offered to him.Kirby's enthusiasm for the game of baseball was infectious.

You could see that he loved to play the game. I remember the 1991 World championship against the Atlanta Braves. I was a Braves fan then. I remember how Puckett played in that series.

I couldn't help admiring his enthusiasm for the game.Unfortunately due to Glaucoma that caused him to go blind, he had to retire from the game in 1996. Baseball fans missed out on seeing a great player finish off his career the right way.Now Kirby is gone. Kirby remained a Twin until his death today.

He is the type of player that any team would love to have. The Minnesota Twins and their fans have lost a legend, a friend, a hall of famer and the best player to ever wear a Twins uniform.Kirby will never be replaced. We hope that Kirby is in a better place now and we also wish his family well and send them our prayers.

Goodbye Kirby.

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By: Anthony Bloch

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