Relaxation Music Loosen Up And Let Go

Relaxation Music can comfort the soul if you let it in. Relaxation Music can only be thoroughly enjoyed if you loosen up and let go. Although relaxation music will help you relax, you need to really enjoy the moment to appreciate the experience.When you loosen up and let go you are able to breathe and have the time to experience the longevity and vibrancy of life.Let me explain.You may want to loosen up and let go but something stops you.

Working as a volunteer, I teach relaxation by the bedside to heart, stroke and cancer patients in hospitals.I noticed that there was a myth that was stopping people from loosening up and letting go. The myth is that relaxation music is from the outside.Here is an example of what I mean.

One older gentleman who had had a stroke told me that in the past (when he was much younger) he had found relaxation by pleasing his dad. This desire made him forsake his own family because to please his dad, he was always attempting to change the world. Changing the world meant that he got his dad's approval.When his dad finally acknowledged his effort (giving him a pat on the back) he felt relaxed. Now after having a stroke at the age of 67 he has decided it was time to spend some time with his own family.It took a stroke for this gentleman to become aware that his relaxation music was within him.

He is now more aware of the need to breathe and have time to experience the longevity and vibrancy of life.Relaxation Music is part of your environment (Classical music, the many sounds of nature and your favorite music). It is a part of you.

One exercise you may consider would be to decide to allow relaxation music in on a daily basis. When you decide to loosen up and let go so that relaxation music can come into you, you will also provide the music within you a chance to play with music of a similar resonance. This resonance will now allow you to breathe and have time to experience the longevity and vibrancy of life.In conclusion:.Relaxation music is always available.

However, your busy lifestyle, combined with the myth that relaxation music is from the outside, make it near impossible to loosen up and let go.If you were to consider letting in relaxation music wherever you notice the feeling of the sounds on a daily basis, then you will find it easier to loosen up, let go, breathe and have time to experience the longevity and vibrancy of life.

.About the Author.Cecil McIntosh, President and founder of Change Perspective, is a hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer and energy worker specializing in teaching practical relaxation techniques.

He works with individual clients and companies teaching them how to cope with stress. For a free 7 day relaxation course visit this site now.

By: Cecil McIntosh

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