Osama bin Laden a SelfMade Man with a Little Help from His Friend the USA

Osama bin Laden is a hero amongst his followers. Ever wonder how he became so popular and loved, before he became so hated by the Western World? Well it is a long story indeed and goes back over four decades. One historian type from the Middle East puts it like this;."Have a look at Afghanistan who did put Osama in power and seat back and watch him torching people for 20 years and did noting just because they wanted someone their who is against communists.".This is not really news to anyone everyone knows of this in the United States.

At the time we unfortunately were at non-war with Russia (Cold War Era) and OBL was the son of a wealthy Saudi construction man, who was working with the US, although he was a little bitter at the US way of doing business. As Osama bin Laden grew in that wealthy family he has some animosity, but also understood business. OBL was a freedom fighter against the Russian invasion in Afghanistan.

The US donated stinger missiles and CIA advisors to help OBL defend Afghanistan against attack, as they were completely out numbered and out gunned.So you see much of Osama bin Laden's rise to power and some say his ability to carry out the mission of 911 was a little bit of the United State's blame too. Although nothing justifies the attacks of 911, one could say, we created OBL decades the prior. So consider all this in 2006.

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