Open Your Heart to Love A Powerful Dating Tip for Women

Here's an easy and powerful visualization technique to help you open your heart to love and men. Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Become conscious of your breathing, slowly inhaling and exhaling to the count of seven, for at least three to five cycles. Imagine a beautiful pink rose or other multi-petal flower in bud form that resides in the center of your heart.

The petals are fresh and tightly bound, protecting the delicate center. Notice the inherent beauty of this bud and all the fabulous potential it contains.Next, give yourself permission to slowly and gently open that bud and your heart. In your mind, say these words, "I open my heart to love. May divine love flow through me, from me, and to me." Bathe yourself in this flow of love and feel it wash over you.

Then, slowly, visualize the petals of your bud unfolding. Imagine them gracefully and tenderly unwinding, and loosening up bit by bit. The more the flower opens, the more your heart opens, and the more you feel the energy of love flowing all around.Continue visualizing until the bud transforms into a fully blossomed flower, petals spread wide facing the sun. See it and yourself with all your amazing inner beauty. Lastly, express gratitude for this profound experience of love and your newly found openness.

When you feel complete, open your eyes returning to full consciousness to enjoy a love-filled day!.This exercise can take as little as one minute or as long as 30 minutes. Choose the timing that feels right to you. If you notice any hesitancy in opening the blossom fully, feel free to stop where you are comfortable and then visualize a little more progress the next time you try the technique.

Practice this visualization if you have any concerns or negativity about men or love. If you want to find that genuine heart-connection with the right man, you'll need an open heart. The more you work with the exercise, the more you'll move through your day in an open manner. Men will see you as safe to approach and be more willing to start a conversation. Open your heart and watch what a difference it makes in your love life.


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By: Ronnie Ann Ryan

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