No Attacks in the US Since Why

Why have there not been any attacks in the United States since 9-11? I believe the reason we have not had any attacks is because when you play hardball offense the other side has to play defense if not you score too many goals. And we have in talking out the Taliban, most all of them only stragglers left now and they say it is the most dangerous job in the world now to be a Tally Band Member. We are now working with world wide intel to go after the bad guys.What About our Borders which leak?.

We do have an open door policy, but we also have a border and immigration policies and we must streamline the system to allow honest good folks who qualify to immigrate here without the long lines or legal issues which tie up and clog the system. The open border idea should be an eventual goal, but we need to look long-term (decades), as we have a drug issue too, lots of flow over around, under and thru that border.One reason we have not been attacked is our CIA is on the prowl and know many of the Coyotes and they know to turn these bad guys in for a reward, and they actually have already. Also we have a much more alert citizenry and many American Muslims now also do not want to jeopardize their new found freedoms and they do not want anything bad to happen here either, so we have a buddy system. Everyone keeps their eyes open and no one has to take the bullet.

Be vigilant America and live without fear and enjoy the freedoms and liberty our ancestors sacrificed so much for. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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