Natural Breast Enhancement Safe Methods for Larger Breasts

Have you ever thought about bigger breasts but are afraid of surgery and breast implants? Now there are safer methods for natural breast enhancement such as creams, pills, and pumps. How do these breast enhancers work? Today we will review the top options for natural breast enhancement. Breast Enhancement Creams The principle behind breast enhancement creams is that they mimic estrogen in the body to promote additional breast tissue. The creams contain plant based ingredients which are similar to estrogen and when applied to breasts stimulate estrogen receptors in mammary glands to produce more breast tissue.

Breast enhancement creams can also help to firm and lift breasts. Familiar skin care ingredients such as aloe vera, almond oil and safflower oil are usually found in breast enlargement creams to smooth and tighten skin. However, breast enhancement creams are not meant to be used alone but with breast enhancement pills.

By themselves, they do not deliver optimum results as a combination of pills and cream would. Breast Enhancement Pills Breast enhancement pills work similarly to breast enhancement creams in that they mimic estrogen in the body. The pills however are able to provide larger amounts of these estrogen-like compounds into the body and so provide better results.

When the body receives these estrogen receptors it prompts mammary glands to create new breast tissue. The great thing about the pills is that the ingredients are natural and plant based. Since there are not real estrogen hormones, your body will not have the side effects or imbalances that hormone replacements methods offer.

Breast enhancement pills seem promising and studies have proven that there are over 70% effective. Breast Pumps Breast pumps are just that: a "pump." The way breast pumps work is simple. You apply the pump to breast and the pump encourages tissue expansion with its vacuum pressure. Over time, this leads to a slight but permanent increase in breast size. The draw backs of the pump is that it must be worn at least 12 hours a day, such as Brava, and offers only 1/4 to 1/2 cup increase in size.

Overall, the most promising of all natural breast enhancement methods are breast enlargement pills and creams. Studies have shown breast pills provide permanent breast size increase and the largest overall gains (as much as a 1.7 cup size increase). With all the dangers of breast implants, natural breast enhancement methods may be the best option today.

If breast enlargement pills were more widely accepted and mainstream, it is very possible that many women would not feel the need to undergo costly, complex and dangerous breast implant surgery.

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