Love Illegal Aliens as You Would a Neighborhood Dog Who Killed Your Cat

Love thy neighbor, embrace illegal aliens and illegal immigrants and give us your poor; hey, wait a minute not so fast. Some citizens of the United States of America decry the 24 million illegal aliens who entered our country by sneaking in.Many Americans are upset that 33 percent of all violent criminals in federal prisons are illegal aliens.

Many people are rather miffed by the fact that we have illegal aliens and illegal immigrants are now marching in our streets in protests. We are told that we must love illegal aliens and treat them with respect as if they were American citizens. Why, they disrespect everything we are about and violate our laws.Well, all respect from me with right out the window, as I watched the illegal immigrants carrying U.

S. flags upside down and marching in our streets in protests, while chanting anti-American slogans in Spanish. The illegal aliens and illegal immigrants who have no right to be in our country also have no rights to free speech or free gathering to protest our government, my country or tell us how to run the United States of America.

One American said today at a coffee shop."If we wanted a Shet-hole like Mexico, we would have created that. Frankly, we were looking for something a little more than that and so we have built the greatest single civilization ever created in the history the human species and we are not about to turn the United States of America into a little Mexico.

Get a life. Sure, I love illegal aliens as much as I love the neighborhood dog that broke through my fence and killed my grandmother's cat. Don't tell me how to run my country; we are doing just fine, why not go fix your own country." Mr. M.

Caldwell. Perhaps we might consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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