Leather Why is it the BDSM Fabric of Choice

People whose practices allow them to be on the outskirts still want a history to connect with. Such is true with sadomasochists-unfortunately many of the early slaves and masters are deceased, so the rest are left to make up the history as they go along.Leather as the preferred clothing for sex play can be traced all the way back to 1945, although other resources put the beginning of the history as far back as the fourteenth century.

Leather shops first hit San Francisco in the mid to late 60's. These were not the motorcycle leather riding gear shops, but the first to retail and display harnesses and other leather bondage gear-right out in the open! Can you imagine what it must have been like in those days? We really take for granted that there is one in practically every city now, open to the public and free to walk into.Gay was considered a mental illness, and S/M practitioners were evil and mentally ill. During the sexual revolution, these people were largely shunned even by the "free thinking" politically active hippies who professed to accept everyone. Leather was worn largely by gay men into bondage, to oversimplify, and remains the favored fabric of today.

Originally the leather men consisted of strictly gay men, and even stricter positioning (no switching was allowed) Lesbians and heterosexuals were not allowed.Times have changed, and now leather is worn by anyone into bondage, largely because that's what the toys are made from! Most people new to the bondage scene are completely unaware of the beginnings of the culture. It has spread to include avant-guarde clothing and the Goth subculture, some of whom would faint if actually approached on the subject.

Like any good thing, leather has attracted as many posers as there are ''legitimate" participants. Leather smells good, softens to the individual's curves in time, is durable and is the symbol of the proud leather men in countries all over the world. You can research more on the history and practices of the leather men by visiting their official site at www.gayalliance.

org.It is a myth that the leather men are an exclusively gay and lesbian organization. Hetfolk are welcome to join as well.

They have large fundraisers for the pride foundation, but also participate in fundraisers to better the entire community in their cities and towns. The leather men gala bash in my home town is extremely well attended by all levels of bondage and alternative lifestyle participants. The international leather men contest is held yearly-this year it is in Chicago-each Memorial Day weekend.For more information about lingerie please have a look at this link:Exotic Lingerie | Blouses See Thru.

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