Lead An Orderly Life

There are many interesting characteristics in the person that is disorganized and the person who is organized. The individual who is disorganized takes a considerable time to get things done. They lack discipline.

The other interesting facet of there being is that they get defensive when you point these things out to them. Often they will argue that in their own way they are organized.On the other hand the organized human being gets things done in a timely manner. They have discipline, and the majority of the times are open to suggestions.

They tend to be better team players. One common factor in disorganization is laziness. What I wish to point out here is this.

If you wish to build a life you will have to be organized. You will need order. When building a home you do not start with the roof, you begin with the foundation. You will need to know what material is needed and where to get it and how to use it from the ground up.

So to have peace and joy in life, you must begin with order. That is the simple first step. The question of discipline is interesting. Those that I have observed including myself that lack discipline have problems dealing with issues. I am not referring to discipline in the sense of submitting to authority.

I am referring to it in the sense of having interest, of caring. You see people who do not care for order, tend not to care for others. They can be very selfish, things must be done for their convenience.Trust me you will get a lot more done when you have order in life. The human brain consistently seeks order.

Begin with the first step of acknowledging your current status, begin with the facts. Get things in order and you will have a good life.

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By: Paul Hegarty

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