Lance Rants on Iranian President Signing Up Suicide Bombers

Well the Radical fundamentalist Iranian President in all his glory has announced he has signed up 200 suicide bombers who will pledge themselves to attack Western Civilian Targets in International Terrorist Strikes?.If the Iranians use 200 people to do suicide missions and they get 10 people each on average some many more, some less. Then the US would respond to protect its people in a very big way. So this is a very dumb thing that they are doing and well, let's just say the American People will have none of that crap.Trust me when I say the American People would throw out of office any politician who took an easy and lovable approach to such a challenge. We can no longer expect or even try to win the hearts and minds of the people there.

We must work to be feared and respected, as this is all they are understanding.We are tough Americans with the strong wills and we do not do fear and any International Terrorism here will ignite a massive stead fast and severe consequences. If you think that Islam has some strength amongst its males age 15-28 you have not met the average American Mom who would call for total annihilation of the enemy and she would mean any potential enemy and their offspring.

Pushing America around, well that is just suicide really. Don't do it. It would not be pretty.

Do not provoke a reaction from the "Titanium Tiger". USA Rocks and I do not mean that in a funny sort of ra ra way. I mean literally. Do not push America; she pushes back. She has a steamroller in the garage and a bit of a temper when attacked. Be wise and remember the US is off limits to International Terrorism, so, do not make us do anything drastic to jog one's memory on this truth.

Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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