Key To Success Work Hard At Working Smarter

Getting more done with less is an art,.It's a quality requiring much heart,.But I must confess.How I turned failure to success.Was to work both hard and work smart.

I've heard two schools of thought when it comes to achieving maximum success in a minimum of time. The first school is to work hard, long hours; nose to the grindstone and burning the midnight oil. I've heard many people say that is the only sure way to achieve lasting success.But I am sure you know many people who have worked hard for years and have yet to achieve what most people would call success. In fact, you may be one of them. I was one of those people.

I discovered many years ago that hard work alone is not a guarantee of success. If it was you'd see more millionaires.The other school of thought says to work smart - not hard. The work smart philosophy says "less is better." Delegate, use other people's time, money, and hands as much as you can.

They say this is the quickest way to success.With so much talk about working smart, many people especially people new to running a business and young people are starting to get the impression that good old fashion hard work went out with the horse- and-buggy. They feel hard work is no longer required to achieve success. After all we computers, e-mail and cell phones. Boy, are they in for a rude awakening.I must admit they both have their benefits and their limits.

Through experience I've discovered the best way to achieve maximum success in a minimum of time is to work hard at working smart!.Yes, working hard at working smart will give you the best of both worlds - without the limits each one has by itself. When you work hard at working smart you're maximizing your potential to the fullest. You have your pedal to the medal and your going full speed ahead - but you're doing it in the most efficient way possible.Here are 7 quick and easy ways to help you work hard at working smart everyday. If you take the time make these tips a habit you'll find yourself achieving your goals much quicker.

1. Work hard at being more adaptable to changes.Remember that every change that comes your way gives you an opportunity to move ahead of those that won't or can't adapt to sudden change.

In life they say the only guarantees are death and taxes. I would like to add a third item and that is CHANGE. Try to be the first to learn and adapt to new changes in your industry, in new technologies and new techniques.2.

Work hard at looking for shortcuts in everything you do.Always be alert to easier more efficient ways of doing your routine task. Can you cut out, reduce, speed-up or combine steps - without sacrificing effectiveness? Don't fall in the habit of doing routine task with a routine attitude. Stay alert to the possibility of doing it in a different way.

Think outside the box if it can save you time, money or frustration .3. Work hard at thinking ahead as much as possible.

The best chess players always think one move ahead. You should always try to do the same. Prepare yourself mentally before you act physically. This alone will help you avoid wasting time and making costly mistakes. The best athletes establish the habit of anticipating there next move ahead of time. The best quarterbacks know what they'll do if they're primary receiver falls down.

4. Work hard at finding working hard at working smart role models.Always be on the look out for people who work hard at working smart. Here's a hint; they'll usually be the people who do more in less time and with fewer sources of money, time or people to help them than others.5. Work hard at learning quickly from your mistakes and the mistakes of others.

You're smart if you can learn from your mistakes, you're intelligent if you can learn from others mistakes - but you're wise if you can do both. Learn how to fail constructively. You learn constructively when you ask who , what , when , why and how questions. For example, next time who will I consult with first, what did I do wrong, when did I do it, why did I do it and how can I do better next time.

6. Work hard at finding ways to wisely multi-task.What's most important about multitasking (doing 2 or more tasks at once)? Is knowing when to multitask and when not to.

Routine task is perfect for multitasking. But detailed, risky, and dangerous projects should not be.7. Work hard at keeping current on the latest technology related to your task.Allow technology to help you work harder at working smarter.

Whatever your task, their is a gadget, software program or tool that can help you do it more efficiently.It is my hope that these 7 tips will inspire you to think of more ways you can work hard at working smart. The benefits and satisfaction will be well worth your time and effort.Copyright 2005 Roy Primm.


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By: Roy Primm

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