Key Practices to Effectively Reduce Stress

'Say "Good-Bye" to stress!
. sound too good to be true? It is true . and YOU can do it! ".How could I ever do that?" you might be asking in skeptical disbelief. The answer is simple -- by applying an age-old remedy .

and repeating the application multiple times each day.First, before I describe the practice-portion of this remedy, I'd like to break the suspense and reveal to you the name of this age-old remedy. It will NOT cost you millions of dollars -- as a matter of fact, you have it already! You will not have to go to the ends of the earth to reclaim it -- you have it with you right now.OK, enough of the riddle: The amazing stress-reducer that you have with you right now is your breathing. That's right. The method whereby you take air into your body is an ESSENTIAL part of you releasing stress and becoming more relaxed.

Your breathing is one physiological process that proceeds non-consciously, but that you can consciously control . if you pay attention to do so.Here's why effective breathing matters so profoundly .Every cell of your body needs oxygen. It needs oxygen to stay strong and healthy.

It needs oxygen to heal, should something get out of balance. You can usually go several hours without having fluids and be OK. You can go a month without food (not that I'm suggesting that you do so!) and still be OK. You cannot go 5 minutes without breathing . without serious repercussions and brain damage.
When you do not breathe deeply and fully, your body -- subtly -- begins to tense up.

It does this because it knows that it is being put into jeopardy. If you breathe shallowly or hold your breath, you are setting the stage for your body to become very tense, very stressed.Now, begin to notice your own breathing patterns. What happens when you begin to get tense? If you are like most people, you start to let your breathing go shallow and quick.What happens if you have a shock? If you are like most people, you intake breath rapidly then hold it. In other words, you STOP breathing.

Since breathing is SO essential to your well-being -- and very life -- the LAST thing you would want to do is inhibit your deep, full pattern of breathing.The solution is simple!.All you need to do is focus on a slow, deep exhale. A slow count of 4 works very well for this. Then pause a second. Then inhale with a slow, deep breath to the slow count of 4.

Then, pause again a second . and repeat the process.Oxygen is the matter of life. Giving yourself plenty of oxygen allows all of your being -- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual -- to function more effectively. Giving yourself plenty of oxygen naturally allows stress to be released and relaxation to be increased. Breathing out fully, then breathing in fully allows you to energize, to take in life!.

Before you begin to practice, please notice how you are feeling right now? How stressed are you? How tense is your body? How relaxed are you?.Then, start to take 10 slow deep breaths -- focus on exhaling first . 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 .

pause . now inhale slowly and deeply . 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 . pause and repeat 10 times .

Now, notice how you feel. What do you notice? How is this different from how you felt before you started the breathing exercise?.Please take time -- at least once an hour -- to take 10 slow, deep breathing cycles? Then notice -- How do you feel now? If you feel that you are not as de-stressed and relaxed as you would wish, just take 10 more slow, deep breaths.How do you feel now?.

To create enhanced stress reduction, begin to notice your breathing throughout the day. Specifically, notice when you start to change the rhythm from slow and deep. This is important: Catch this when it just is beginning to change.Now, revert to your pattern of breathing slowly and deeply. Take another breathing break -- take those ten slow deep breaths to the count of 4. Notice how quickly you begin to relax as you do so.

.Marlene Shiple, Ph.D.

, is a licensed psychotherapist, business consultant, certified sex therapist, speaker, writer and professional coach. She has a private practice in Phoenix, AZ., where she sees clients and enjoys the experience of helping people be happier in their lives.

Dr. Shiple believes in supporting the individual to be his/her best self -- in helping to discover interactive aspects about the self as a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual complex. She works with individuals to create healing on all of these dimensions.Now you can visit Dr.

Shiple's website to learn more ways to reduce stress! 'Just go to

By: Marlene Shiple, Ph.D.

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