Insect Detection of Earthquake Precursory Waves What Do They Know

Is it possible that insects can detect Earthquake waves before the Earthquake itself? The sensory abilities of insects is way beyond what most people can imagine, of course 400 million years of evolution helps a bit too. This question is so intriguing that it was recently brought up in an online think tank when on member stated;."I wonder, for example, if ants would be noticeably absent from plate areas that were becoming more active and if faults have different types of insect colonies than they did even decades ago if activity has increased in those areas.".Perhaps insects can tell before Earthquakes happen, but then what? Well provided they could fly, if not they really cannot cover much ground very fast to get out of dodge I would think? Some insects like ants seem to do okay with construction equipment, as they seem to rebuild fast even after a giant D-10 Caterpillar Tractor covers them over.

I have even poured concrete and thought the ants were surely goners, but within a week or so, they merely live under the concrete and dig out where they continue their lives as usual under the concrete slab. So perhaps they have figured this out for lava flows too over the last 400 million years?.Hard to say interesting subject; pretty resilient creatures indeed; for flying insects they should have probably evolved to fly away instead, so it would seem to me that your best bet for experimentation would be for flying insects if your hypothesis is correct. Maybe we can consider all this in 2006.

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