Illegal Aliens Need Better Organization for These Poor Turn Out Rallies and Protests

Have you noticed that the illegal aliens having all these silly protests, rallies, demonstrations and boycotts are diluted in their message? I mean all that carrying on no one even had the same reason for demonstrating? The silliest mixed matched message I have ever seen? It sounded like a bunch of malcontents protesting but why? They have come here to work, then take a workday off and then demand rights of citizens carrying Mexican Flags. While others carried American Flags upside down. Some said God Bless America in Spanish others said things about our Gringo Mothers.So, obviously this became a topic of conversation at one online think thank and one guest member stated; "I was reading a commentary online about how strategic and well these people organized their rally. Well I can bet that one of the biggest organizers for these rallies has been the Catholic Archdiocese. Why because of so much bad publicity.

".It would not surprise me and the similar rallies going on all over the world makes sense that there is a international group which is behind rallying the rallies so to speak. However, I see several groups coming together on this, almost as if the enemy of my enemy is my friend for a day of protests. And this is why I believe the mix-matched message and crappy publicity, of course all the rest inspired by the mass media hysteria which makes it money from "Chaos and Controversy" in the sound and fury of mankind you see? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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