How to Break a Bad Habit

Millions of people around the world make new years resolutions each year. A very high percentage of them are in hopes of breaking bad habits that have seemly overtaken their lives, but have left many disappointed, and realizing just how difficult breaking bad habits can actually be.

To break bad habits one must first understand what they are and how they developed them in the first place. Until one can really understand how bad habits are developed, they will never accomplish the task of getting rid of them. So I have personally put in thousand of hours to find effective ways in helping people get rid of there bad habits, of which, I am now ready to share my conclusion with those who have an interest. So let's get started.

What Are Bad Habits?

Bad habits are repetitious actions, deeds, and motives that have no profitable outcome for one's life at all. In almost all cases, bad habits either do harm to a person's body, causes them to look bad, feel shame, get in trouble with the law or there spouse, lose friends and love ones, or to spend a lot of money helping them start the repetitious process all over again. It sounds like something someone would really want to be a part of huh? Well, don't be surprised, there are millions of people throughout the world who are trapped, hooked and overtaken by bad habits, and some would do almost anything to get freed from them!

How Do People Develop Bad Habits?

Most people develop bad habits by practicing or emulating what they see or hear in others.

People in general have a tendency to pick up a little "Character Development" from here and there, although often time, the very thing they pick up is definitely not what they need.

There is also a percentage of New Born Babies born with what I call "Fixations". They are born with that something within that cause various behaviors not taught nor exposed to them, to manifest themselves in their characteristics at a very young age. For instance, you didn't have to teach little Johnny to lie about the cookies he took out of the cookie jar when you weren't around, although, you did ask him if he had taken the cookies, and of course, he said no. Did you teach little Johnny to tell that lie? No you did not, but it was in there all the time, he was born with it in him. But there is good news; all bad habits can be broken!

Surely most bad habits weren't developed over night, and I can assure you, most bad habits won't go away over night either.

But those who take in the following information will surely find their way to victory over bad habits:

Instead of making new years resolutions every New Years Eve, start making changes by replacing every bad habit with a better habit. That's right! It's just that simple. Most people try to go "Cold Turkey" when it comes down to breaking a bad habit. But I have found out in my personal experience, that if a person would find something they enjoy doing (that's not a bad habit of course), and they don't mind it becoming habitual, then that person should gradually replace the bad habit with the better habit until the better habit becomes the new habit. How is this task accomplish, buy simply being conscious of every time the bad habits manifest themselves, and then stopping the bad habits one by one immediately once noticed, while at the same time implementing the new things you enjoy doing until they becomes the replaced habits.

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By: Michael Bell

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